A new blog experiment

When  I was a child, I started English courses over an over again, CIAV, Harmon Hall, .. . , every academy that you can imagine. My problem was that I didn’t see the English as an interesting thing and I didn’t take the TOEFL test so seriously. After this, I started the university, and my time to study and read another things was reduced abruptly.

But I’m young, and now I will finish my studies (I hope that supposition could be a reality in the middle of august). I will start to study english and remove some dust of my mind (the dust could rush my head xD).

Well, the worst things that could happens is that some insane muppets kill me and I couldn’t be able to study and possibly take the TOEFL test, or simply don’t finish my studies again and lose a lot of money :S. I have to try it and see what happens.

I could speak in English and can understand it in a middle-high level. But the problem is when I fall in a «tuxtor kernel panic state». If this happens I begin to use the same words and my vocabulary goes somewhere far beyond. Like a sixth avenue vendor when the cops come to steal confiscate his merchandise. If I don’t practice it I will forget it.

As a part of my English exercises I will start a garbage blog (not so great like «El abismo de tux» :D). I will try to write my post first in English and later translate it.

Of course I know that this kind of things doesn’t matter you. Now you want to kill me. But thanks to reach the final part of the post.

Ohh . .  if you find mistakes in my posts (that is also common in spanish wahahaha) let me know it :-).

Somewhere far beyonds

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    jajajaja tuxtor kernel panic state XD, yo deberia estudiar ingles… pero la verdad ningun lugar me convence para estudiar, talvez NLC creo que sera cuestion de tiempo… y por que no escribi el comentario en Ingles, dire que por que no se me pega la gana, para tapar mi deficiencia en escritura de ingles XD

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    Jajaja vos yo entendi todo pero no se porque en el inglishh ya no me salen los pensamientos jajaa

    Buena onda y exitos con el inglish en ultimo caso hay un monton de redes sociales!

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    Just start to think in english Tuxtor. Guten Abend. Prost

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    buena idea voy a ser un blog de incógnito para evitar pagar el psicologo y los cursos de ingles así solo me meto al TOEFL

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